Digital Guardian Joins “Friends of Objective-See” Program to Support macOS Users with Security Tools to Thwart Malicious Attacks

today announced it will be partnering closely with “Friends
of Objective-See,” a program designed to safeguard macOS users from
malicious attacks by providing security tools, as well as sponsoring the
Objective-See conference: Objective
by the Sea
(OBTS), the world’s only Mac security conference.
OBTS will take place at the Le Méridien Beach Plaza, in Monte Carlo,
Monaco, France from June 1-June 2, 2019.

Objective-See was created by world renowned Mac security researcher,
Patrick Wardle, with the intent of sharing free
security tools
that Patrick uses to secure his macOS environment.
“Friends of Objective-See” extends Patrick’s vision and purpose by
supporting security researchers and experts dedicated to working
together to improve macOS protection in the broader Mac community.

“By leveraging Objective-See’s resources, Mac users can be both informed
of potential threats as well as have the proper tools to prevent
attacks, detect malware and remediate infections,” said Patrick Wardle.
“Digital Guardian has been a longtime supporter of my research and work,
and the larger Mac community. And now by officially joining ‘Friends of
Objective-See,’ as a full sponsor of the ‘Objective by the Sea’ Mac
Security Conference, the company is bolstering their commitment even
further to secure macOS users across the globe!”

Since its inception, Digital Guardian has been committed to delivering
the highest level of protection for Mac users, especially in the areas
of data loss prevention and endpoint detection and response.

“The adoption for macOS is increasing at a steady rate year over year in
enterprises across all industries as well as government agencies and
educational organizations,” said Constance Stack, Chief Strategy
Officer, Digital Guardian. “As adoption increases, so do the number of
threats and infection vectors. Digital Guardian is very pleased to join
‘Friends of Objective-See’ and contribute to increasing security for the
broader Mac community.”

About Digital Guardian
Digital Guardian provides the
industry’s only data protection platform that is purpose-built to stop
data theft from both insiders and external adversaries. The Digital
Guardian Data Protection Platform performs across the corporate network,
traditional endpoints, and cloud applications. It’s buttressed by the DG
Cloud, a big data security analytics backend that sees and blocks all
threats to sensitive information. For more than 15 years, it has enabled
data-rich organizations to protect their most valuable assets with a
choice of on premises, SaaS or managed service deployment. Digital
Guardian’s unique data awareness, combined with threat detection and
response, enables organizations to protect data without slowing the pace
of their business. To learn more please visit:


Gregory Funaro
Digital Guardian 781.902.5649
[email protected]

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