Collegiate Social Networking App Spotselfie™ Develops White-Label Version for Colleges and Universities

SAINT JOHN, Ind., March 18, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Flying Eye Reality Inc. recently announced the new white-label iteration of their Spotselfie™ app (, available now for rebranding use by colleges and universities. Additionally, an ongoing study by an MBA class at Purdue University is currently testing the Spotselfie™ app as a way to increase college retention rates through supportive socialization. Spotselfie™ is a fully customizable social platform that employs patent-pending augmented reality (AR) technology to enhance social interaction on campuses.

The Problem: Dropout Rates

Freshman student dropout rates are on the rise. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the churn rate between freshman and sophomore college students was 24.5 percent. With nearly a quarter of all freshmen dropping out, colleges are feeling the financial crunch, while struggling to understand the underlying causes of declining student retention.  

One of the top 4 reasons students drop out during their first year of college is because of a lack of friends on campus, which can lead to isolation and homesickness. A recent study of 150,000 students found that 9.5 percent of respondents frequently felt depressed during their college stay, rising from the 6.1 percent recorded five years earlier.

The Solution: Spotselfie and Supportive Socialization

Smartphone use has become ubiquitous, with nearly all college students relying upon smartphone apps for a variety of functions. Spotselfie™ capitalizes on this fact, employing a patent-pending AR approach to social interaction that allows freshmen students to meet each other over summer months before they arrive on campus. Student social anxiety is thus ameliorated from the outset.

“Now is a critical time for freshmen students to download and become acquainted with their university’s white-labeled version of Spotselfie™. Moving into the spring and summer months, they can begin communicating with other members of their incoming class. This allows each student to arrive on campus, day-one, already confident that they have friends and a burgeoning social network,” said Ray Shingler, Director of Development.

The Spotselfie™ white-label version enables universities to individually tailor the app to each campus and educational brand, simultaneously targeting the ongoing problem of student retention. Spotselfie™ is the only AR social media app engineered to meet the specific socialization needs of university students, while also addressing the security and confidentiality concerns of individual colleges.

Some Unique Spotselfie™ Socialization and Security Features

Spotselfie™ allows students to digitally engage with others on campus, meeting new students and faculty in a safe, closed digital environment.

  • Safe and Secure: Spotselfie™ requires an EDU email to sign up, ensuring that only verified students can use the app, providing an extra layer of campus security.
  • “My Color Code: Students create an in-depth profile answering 16 fun questions about their personality, social environment, inspirations and activities. Spotselfie™ assigns each student a unique color code, then uses this social ice-breaker system to accurately connect students with other like-minded individuals.
  • Augmented Reality: Verified students drop GPS-located digital pictures and videos all over their real-world. Other students can find the floating content, through the phone’s camera view, as they walk around on campus. Students can rate, comment and send friend requests while interacting with social content. This motivates freshmen students to get out of their dorms and on campus to meet new people.
  • Friends Manager: An easy search function allows students to view lists of other students currently using the app on campus.

Contending with student socialization issues is a must for schools concerned with retention rates. Colleges, universities and organizations interested in the white-label version of Spotselfie™ are welcome to contact Flying Eye Reality, Inc. for more information.

About Flying Eye Reality, Inc.

Flying Eye Reality is a software development company that leverages the innovative power of its patent-pending augmented reality (AR) social interaction software. Flying Eye Reality’s flagship app, Spotselfie™, is poised to redefine social networking on college campuses throughout the United States. Learn more at:  


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