Chromebook and Netbook Black Friday 2019 Deals from Acer, Samsung, and Lenovo Listed by Deal Answers

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–There are deep discounts on Chromebooks and netbooks for Black Friday 2019. Acer, Samsung, Dell, and Lenovo have all significantly reduced prices. There’s even an offer available for a Chromebook for $89. Deal Answers lists the best Chromebook deals below:

Chromebooks are a popular way to get online for people on a budget or with limited computing needs. Chromebooks usually have limited storage and RAM. Clicking on links may earn Deal Answers a commission.

Chromebooks run Chrome OS, which is an operating system for budget laptops. It is focused around the Internet browser, although there are numerous apps that can be downloaded to make it more powerful.

Choosing a Chromebook

Screen size is often the first consideration for people purchasing netbooks. After that, many people look at the hard drive space if they intend to store documents or photos on the device. Many Chromebook users rely on cloud storage for most of their larger files and only store limited data on the device itself. This can potentially keep your data more secure.

Quantities are sure to be limited for Chromebooks during Black Friday. Sales dates vary depending on the store and it’s recommended that people compare multiple stores for the best price. It’s not known which of these models, if any, will be discounted for Cyber Monday.

About Deal Answers: Deal Answers researches and finds discounts for sales events like Black Friday. Deal Answers may earn commission from clicks as an Amazon Associate and member of other programs.


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