Cheesecake Labs Develops and Presents Enhanced SU App at SingularityU Brazil Summit 2019

Developed for Singularity University, the SU app now features a chat functionality, uniting its community of millions in more than 159 countries

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#cheesecakelabsCheesecake Labs, a web and mobile design and development company, has returned from SingularityU Brazil Summit 2019, where it presented the newest version of the SU app for Singularity University. Featuring a chat functionality, the app now expands its experience regarding information exchange, research and data in areas like artificial intelligence, robotics and digital biology.

The SingularityU Brazil Summit 2019 gathered scientists, opinion leaders, specialists and entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo, which was attended by Cheesecake Labs. Aligned with the event’s purpose, Cheesecake Labs explored creative ways to develop collaborative products and solutions by collecting ideas from participants to solve the main challenges Brazil faces regarding education, finance, infrastructure, public security and food. The concept was to stimulate app access and usage, reinforcing the discussion regarding the given topics.

“The Summit was ideal to announce the new feature, as we were reaching a broad audience at once,” stated Marcelo Gracietti, CEO, Cheesecake Labs. “After displaying its functionality, many attendees were quick to download the app at the very moment. Attending this summit provided us the opportunity to display our work among Singularity University’s partners, such as HSM and Deloitte, emphasizing that our company is playing an integral role in the development of innovative products.”

The initial version developed by Cheesecake Labs in 2015 was designed for web use only. Today, the platform is available for iOS and Android, and can be used by anyone interested in exploring new opportunities using exponential technologies to change the world. Later this year, new functionalities will be developed, some of which are critical to enable a global community directive, since it will gather specific discussions with important global market players, making it accessible to people worldwide.

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About Cheesecake Labs

Born in 2013, Cheesecake Labs is a web and mobile design and development company that helps startups and companies increase their positive impact through technology and empowered people. With a disruptive culture and roots in the Silicon Valley, it builds products for different industries in collaboration with startups and companies in the US, Europe and Brazil. Cheesecake Labs has already developed more than 100 applications and has impacted 46.5M users worldwide.


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