BLOCK Training Launches With Mission to Help Athletes of All Levels Enhance Their Performance and Stay in the Game

Co-Founded by NBA Hall of Famer, Steve Nash, BLOCK to Provide a Sport Specific Training and Recovery System to Benefit the Everyday Athlete

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BLOCK, a purpose-driven training platform aimed at helping individuals enhance their performance and participation in the sports and activities they love, will launch today for the general public. BLOCK’s live training and on-demand library of content will be accessible via a $9.99 monthly membership through its app and will offer a complimentary 10-day trial.

BLOCK was developed by co-founders Steve Nash and Kit Hawkins, who met in Los Angeles playing soccer recreationally after Nash retired from a stellar 18-year hall-of-fame NBA career. They identified a need to help individuals have the resources they need to continue to participate in their chosen sports. Over 60 million Americans participate in recreational sports at least once a week, but there is a significant drop-off – over 35% – of individuals participating after the age of 35, with the most common reason being injury.

“As a former professional athlete, I had incredible people and resources available to me, and throughout my career was able to develop science-based routines that helped promote longevity and injury prevention,” said Steve Nash, BLOCK Co-Founder. “These practices stayed with me into retirement and are still disciplines I incorporate into my everyday routine in an effort to help me be able to participate in the activities I love at a level I expect out of myself. Our goal at BLOCK is to bring this knowledge and expertise to our members so they will be able to stay involved in their passions for as long as they can.”

“So often the activities that we participate in become part of our identity and help shape us as individuals, and beyond being great outlets for our physical health, are often very beneficial to our mental health,” said BLOCK Co-Founder and CEO, Kit Hawkins. “When I first met Steve, it was clear that playing sports, even at a recreational level, was a main part of his identity and brought him great joy. I was fascinated by the methods he used and how his commitment to preparation was such an enabler for all his activities. At BLOCK we intend to provide individuals the knowledge and tools they need to stay participating in the activities they are passionate about, while simultaneously helping improve their performance through a holistic approach to mobility, activation, power, strength, endurance, and recovery. We believe we are creating a new Health and Wellness category that is science-based, ultimately enabling people to move better, be at their best in their activities, and hopefully find more joy in their lives.”

BLOCK’s training methodology was originated by Steve Nash during his playing career to ensure his longevity in playing. He has now made it accessible to anyone who wants to perform at their best and reduce the risk of injury, providing them with the same opportunity to play sport for life. The app’s training system provides content for an athlete’s Training Day, Recovery Day, and Game Day, with equal emphasis on training and recovery. BLOCK will initially launch with 10 sport-specific disciplines, with more to be added over time. BLOCK’s 10 initial sports disciplines in their content library will be running, soccer, basketball, volleyball, cycling, lacrosse, golf, tennis, pickleball, and Australian rules football.

BLOCK training content was developed by Steve Nash in collaboration with his longtime mentor Dr. Rick Celebrini, Director of Sports Medicine and Performance at the Golden State Warriors, and his personal coach Yohei Arakaki, who began working with Nash following his playing career. BLOCK’s content and game plans will be delivered from their training facility in Brooklyn through coaches that will instruct, and athletes that will train alongside the user and showcase proper form and technique through the various exercises, stretches, and motions. The app will also feature masterclass coaching content from Steve Nash and a selection of world-class coaches from all disciplines of sport performance.

The BLOCK Training app is available for download by visiting, the Apple App Store, or Google Play Store on mobile devices.

About BLOCK Training

BLOCK is an athletic training and recovery system that helps people of all ages and abilities perform at their best while reducing the risk of injury. The system was created by Steve Nash and his team of world-class sport performance coaches, and training and recovery sessions are delivered live and on-demand daily by BLOCK coaches. BLOCK offers monthly membership to its training content through its app, which is available in the app stores for Apple and Android users. For more information, please visit


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