Best Slot From the Rainbow Riches Saga

Everybody has their own personal favourites when it comes to slot games, whether online or an old time classic slot machine. It all depends what players prefer, some would rather enjoy a slot which has great graphics and animation whilst others would prefer a game which provides innovative and exciting features to enjoy. No matter what players prefer, the Rainbow Riches series of games are something that is always mentioned. Having been around since the early days of online slots, Rainbow Riches slots have certainly stood the test of time. 

What is Rainbow Riches? 

Rainbow Riches are an incredibly popular series of games that have been developed by Barcrest. There was a time when you couldn’t go to a bar or pub without seeing a fruit machine adorned with the Rainbow Riches game, however with the rise of online gaming Barcrest decided to switch the slots to online casinos. Since then, Rainbow Riches have proved to be increasingly popular. The original online slot, simply entitled Rainbow Riches, remains popular to this day despite its release taking place over ten years ago. Perhaps the biggest reason why players come back to the Rainbow Riches series of slots time and again is because they promise simple gameplay which anybody can enjoy. The theme is based entirely around the luck of the Irish so expect to see leprechauns and other familiar Irish imagery in these slots. 

Best Slots 

Rainbow riches have released many slots over the years, all to a high standard. The following slots are what we feel are the best slots from the Rainbow Riches saga. 

Rainbow Riches Slot 

There is no better way to start this list than with the original Rainbow Riches slot. Not only was this slot revolutionary when it was first released but it remains incredibly popular amongst players today. The Rainbow Riches slot has been imitated often by other slots but the fact remains that very few manage to convey the luck of the Irish theme with the same success that this slot has. 

Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold 

This bright and vibrant variation on the original slot offers a more exciting experience, particularly for those players who prefer slots which have amazing bonus features. As the name implies, players should expect to encounter more reels than they would in a traditional Rainbow Riches slot, with 100 active paylines players have the chance to win a much bigger payout! 

Rainbow Riches Pick ‘N’ Mix 

This Rainbow Riches slot offers players the chance to choose their own bonus features! Rainbow Riches Pick ‘N’ Mix is a unique variation, it still offers all the classic iconography and gameplay which players have come to expect from the series of slots but with addition of choosing from five available bonus features. This can be especially handy to players who prefer certain bonuses over others. 


The Rainbow Riches series of slots have been going on for a long time now, with every new addition they try to add something else to the already brilliant gameplay. What particular slot players will prefer will depend on them, the original slot is certainly the way to go if you have never played a Rainbow Riches slot before while Pick ‘N’ Mix offers customisation which will suit an longtime player’s game more.

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