AURA Devices Announces AURA Strap 2: Fully Redesigned Device Offering Better Fit, Functionality and an Enhanced User Experience to Achieve Fitness and Wellness Goals Faster

The Launch of AURA Plus subscription service delivers additional benefits and resources to the leading health and fitness accessory for Apple Watch

BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#auradevices–AURA Devices today introduced AURA Strap 2, a fully redesigned and re-engineered accessory band that provides a totally new health and wellness data tracking experience that allows users to set goals and track their workout performance on their Apple Watch, as well as launched AURA Plus, a new subscription-based service offering advanced analytics, workout content and the soon-to-be added feature of live chats with certified trainers.

By performing bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which measures how a person’s body changes as a result of exercise, AURA Strap 2 is the only wearable device that provides fat, muscle and water balance measurement on the Apple Watch. From there, via AURA App version 3.0, users receive insights, personalized recommendations and goal setting and management functions to assist them in optimizing their fitness performance.

“The new AURA Strap 2 delivers the ultimate user experience in body composition and water levels tracking. The next-gen accessory is the most accurate Apple Watch device that we’ve ever built. New features and design will help our users achieve their fitness goals much more efficiently and get the most out of their workouts and exercise regimens,” states Stas Gorbunov, CEO of AURA Devices.

Created by an international group of passionate and bold inventors, engineers and scientists committed to changing the worlds of health and fitness, the AURA Strap 2 improves upon the first generation of the device by delivering better fit, additional functionality and an enhanced user experience:

  • AURA Strap 2 is 20% slimmer and 5% narrower than the original AURA Strap
  • A more streamlined measurement process now requires only one-touch to initiate measurement, rather than three actions required with the original AURA Strap
  • The new architecture captures 16 times more data points than the first generation of the AURA Strap. This improvement brings the accuracy of the AURA Strap 2 to 95% of a DEXA-scan, the gold standard of BIA measurement
  • AURA Strap 2 attaches to the Apple Watch via new stretchable sport loops, rather than clasps, resulting in not only a sleeker design, but a more seamless process when putting it on and removing it

The AURA Strap 2, available in the color black exclusively for Apple Watch, Series 3 or later, retails for $149 and is available on and at select retailers.

AURA Plus Subscription Benefits

To truly maximize the benefits of AURA Strap 2, the new AURA Plus subscription service provides members more resources and features, including monthly fitness and nutrition reports, deep analytics of body composition, exclusive fitness content and – coming soon – a live chat function with a personal trainer.

AURA Plus costs $9.99 per month, or $79.99 for an annual subscription. AURA Devices users receive a free six-month trial of AURA Plus. Visit for more information and to sign up.

To Access the AURA Strap 2 Media Kit for images and more, click here.

About AURA Devices Mission & Vision

AURA Devices — the bold team of inventors developing mobile devices based on science to monitor health, wellness, and activity. We help our users to achieve their goals and change health perceptions. We believe that every person should know everything about their health on-demand and use this knowledge to achieve their goals and enjoy healthier their lives.


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