Aren’t all slots real money?

If you’re new to slots you might be wondering if you always have to bet real money in order to play. In fact, online you can find free slots that are played purely for fun, and that don’t require you to deposit cash. Instead, you play them using virtual coins that can have different forms depending on the currency of the game. These slots do not give you a chance to win money. If you’re chasing big wins you should play real money slots that allow you to place bets using actual cash – click to view.

Real money slots

• in order to play them you need to register at an online casino and make a real money deposit to your account

• if you land a winning combination you can get a real money payout

• offer progressive jackpots and big cash prizes

• have Random Number Generators that ensure the outcome of each spin is completely random

Slots for fun

• you do not need to register and create an account, you can start playing right away

• you do not need to make any cash deposits

• the casino awards you virtual coins you can use during the game

• you cannot win real money or withdraw any winnings

• designed mainly for fun

Similarities between slots for fun and real money slots

In both types of slots, the rules and the way you play them are the same. You decide on how much you want to bet, press pin, watch the reels spin and wait for the outcome. The average Return to Player (RTP) value is the same. That is useful to know if you’re playing a free version of a slot that also has a real money version. If you decide to play the traditional one later, you will know what to expect in terms of likelihood of a payout.

The theme and graphics are the same in both versions of the slot game so if you start off with the free version and switch to the real money one later it will look the same. The slots for fun offer quality and game speed as good as real money slots. No matter if you’re placing real bets or using virtual coins, the betting range is similar.


Slots are probably the most popular type of casino games because of how easy it is to play them. Some people, however, worry that they will lose a lot of money so they don’t play them. That’s why the free slots have been introduced. They give players the option to enjoy slot games without having to bet their savings.

A lot of very popular slot titles offer two versions, a free one and a real money one. Free slots are a great way to test the game, see what features it has and whether you enjoy it. If you do and you think you’re ready to gamble real cash, you will know that you’re not spending it on a game that’s not worth it.

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