Are Mobile Slots The Same With Online Slots?

Gambling is a major leisure activity in the modern world. Gambling has been in evidence as far back as Ancient times so its prominence in society today is not surprising, when you consider the hi-tech world we live in. There have always been activities that are traditionally linked to gambling such as horseracing and even though the slot game is not a new invention, the accessibility and the format in which they are played nowadays, is relatively new in historical terms and this has allowed them to surpass traditional sports, as the number one gambling attraction. Slots have been around since the 19th century but it is as recent as 1996 that they became digital entities that became highly accessible to the masses on digital platforms such as online mobile phone slots casinos. Even these have a recent history that dates back to the same year the video slot was invented. It was the invention of the internet that really made all the gambling luxuries we have at hand today, possible. 

Easy Access 

Since 1996 slots have been available to the masses at online casino platforms and this has helped create a huge demand for these games. Having slots available to play from the comfort of your own home has proved to be the making of the gambling industry. More people who never even considered gambling as a hobby are now regular visitors to online casinos. Slots appeal to the masses because they are fun, easy to play and have more levels and interesting bonuses when compared to your standard table games. Being able to access them from the environment of your choosing has been vitally important in their success. People love to gamble in the comfort and privacy of their own homes and they wish to remain anonymous whilst doing so. However, one of the strengths of the gambling industry is their willingness to move with technological breakthroughs and adapt new technology into the industry. 

Changing Times 

The world has changes a lot since 1996 and again the main influencer has been technology. It has created a Smartphone generation who live their lives through their phones. Phones are now mobile computers capable of doing what desktop and laptop computers can do. People take them everywhere with them and use them whilst at work, rest and at play. The gambling industry has been aware of this change in society and thanks to certain technological advancements, they can offer a slot gaming experience on a par with desktop and laptop computers through mobile devices. Downloading apps can help achieve this or you can play slots through conventional internet browsers. The quality and graphics remain the same and the major difference is the screen size. Punters now take slots with them on the go and they help pass the time during lunch hours or commutes.  Mobile gaming has proved especially popular with female punters and 15% of gambling revenue last year was attributed to mobile slots.

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