Are Millennials Changing Bingo?

Bingo is a long standing classic game that many of us love. The fast paced, high octane game comes with thrills and can require some real skills. We all get set in our ways with how we like to play, but things change with time. Are the newer generations changing Umbingo? If so, how and why is it happening. Is it something we should be against?

The History of Bingo Calls

Bingo calls have been a long time tradition to add a little bit of fun and creativity to our games. They developed from many different areas of our language. Coming froim areas like rhyming slang, cheeky phrases and puns that are in some way connected to the given number. They have changed and developed over time as well as with each individual bingo caller wanting to add a bit of personality to their work and giving us some unexpected laughs too! With classics such as “Grandma’s getting frisky, 60” or “Two Fat Ladies, 88”.

The Big Pushes For Change

In the world of bingo, the big thing that is being pushed to change is the lingo that we are used to hearing be called out alongside our numbers.

Here are some new calls:

·         Will and Kate, 88

·         Not another brexit debate, 48

·         Recycle more, 74

·         Flexitarian, 7

·         Yas Qween, 15

·         Fake News, 32

A particular one that stands above the rest as a bad replacement is “Will and Kate, 88” in replacement of “Two Fat Ladies, 88”.

Why Is There a Push For Change?

We are now living in a world where people are more and more aware of each others suffering; Big and little, the things that hurt people unnecessarily. The newer generations have been taught to be acutely aware of this and understandably believe they should try to make a world where this does not happen.

That being said, some could argue that to do this to bingo calls is too “woke” and really not needed. There are a few different ways to look at this. Like all things, things change with time and they can feel odd to those who are used to the old ways. Every new generation is seen to have outlandish views and beliefs – think of the “Summer of Love”, the rise of the hippies and how they were viewed by the general society. What harm does it do to try to reduce the amount of situations that upset people?

We don’t have a right to be happy all the time, but we can try and do our best. This is something we can all understand, but is particularly in the minds of millennials as with a lack of prospect as more jobs are taken by machines. Giving a lack of direction they look inwards to find that peace of mind. There is a balance in it, but the young inherit the earth, much as we have changed it in our image they will too and after them it will be change again.

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