Accuver Delivers 5G NR Field Testing & Data Analysis Tools for Samsung S10 5G Smartphone

Accuver’s latest XCAL & XCAP tools enable users to test and optimize
indoor and outdoor 5G NR NSA networks in FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2
(mmWave) bands using Samsung S10 5G smartphone.

a leader in 5G wireless test and measurement solutions, today announced
that it has launched commercial field testing and data analysis tools
for Samsung S10 5G smartphones.

Accuver provides a laptop-based tool (XCAL-M)
and a handheld tool (XCAL-Solo)
to give customers the full flexibility to conduct their testing. XCAL-M
supports testing with four devices (LTE and 5G) and one network scanner,
making it versatile for multi-device drive testing. XCAL-Solo
supports one device and one network scanner, and it is designed for walk
testing – which is especially important for mmWave networks.

Both XCAL-M and XCAL-Solo tools support the following features:

  • Samsung S10 5G smartphone with Qualcomm X50 chipset and with Samsung
    Exynos chipset
  • Dual chipset interface (LTE + 5G), enabling users to see LTE
    and 5G NR KPIs (including L1 throughput and PDCP throughput) and
    messages simultaneously in real time
  • Beamforming measurement analysis
  • 3GPP Release 15 specifications from June, September, and December
  • Network scanner for FR1 and FR2 bands from PCTel (IBflex & HBflex) and
    Rohde & Schwarz (TSME6 & TSMA6)
  • Rich 5G NR KPI information

Accuver also provides XCAP-M
data analysis software that allows users to do detailed analyses,
troubleshooting, and reporting of the 5G NR data collected with Samsung
S10 5G. XCAP-M also supports QXDM logs, and it features correlation
analysis between 4G and 5G by synchronizing time. XCAP-M presents a
comprehensive view of 5G network/device performance through maps,
tables, graphs, 5G NR signaling, L3 and packet messages, and beamforming
KPIs. Some KPIs in L1 and L2 can even be analyzed per TTI level. Some
examples of the KPIs presented by XCAP-M are as follows:

  • Serving Cell Beam Mgmt.
  • MAC BRS Report
  • ML1 Searcher Init Acquisition
  • ML1 Searcher Measurement
  • Tx Power Control Info
  • MAC LL1 CSF Info / RSRP
  • MAC PD(U)SCH Info
  • PDCCH DCI Format Info
  • PD(U)SCH BLER Info
  • L1 & L2 Throughput
  • RLC & PDCP Statistics Summary
  • RRC / NAS Signaling Analysis

“This product launch reinforces Accuver’s commitment to be the first to
reach new frontiers of wireless performance, innovation, value and
trust,” said Jinman Kim, VP of Sales for Advanced Products in Accuver
Americas. “We strive to give our customers the tools they need to
test and optimize 5G NSA network in FR1 (sub-6 GHz) and FR2 (mmWave)
frequency bands using the latest device in the market.”

To see XCAL-M, XCAL-Solo, and XCAP-M tools, visit Accuver at 5G
in London on June 12-13, 2019. For more information, please
or contact [email protected].

About Accuver

Accuver is a leading provider of wireless test and measurement solutions
that optimize the performance and reliability of mobile networks.
Working with all major network operators, infrastructure vendors,
chipset manufacturers and wireless equipment OEMs, we measure,
troubleshoot and optimize network performance and wireless service
delivery. This involves a seamless blend of user insight, design
innovation, software development, cutting-edge engineering, and support


Media Contact
Jessica Lindberg
REQ for Accuver
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